Sales Team Management

Sales Team Management (Sales Buddy)



The sales team management app helps you get sales or field employee's GPS location tracking, attendance, sales visit, target Management, payment collection, daily expenses, and day planning using lightning fast mobile app Sales team management - An android based sales employee tracking app with web-based admin panel ("software") to track GPS location of sales employee and manage their day activities by capturing updated and authentic data from point of execution. It's a complete solution developed with the inputs from various business verticals like Agriculture, FMCG, pharmaceuticals and much more to ensure sales employee tracking becomes so easy for the employers so that they can focus on right things for the growth. Our sales employee tracking app covers almost all the tasks which a sales executive does daily like meeting customers, giving samples, taking orders, collecting payments, taking feedback, putting advertisement material at customers place and much more. Sales team management app also gives options to sales employee to take pictures with GPS details, feed in his/her daily expenses and upload pictures of any outdoor marketing activity done that too with GPS details where activity was done. With the power of all these features which sales team management offer, imagine the micro-level of information your company can collect and take right decisions on time for future. Improve your sales and service team performance with sales team management - sales employee tracking app. The depth of sales analytics and reporting provided by sales team management guarantees that your most valuable investment- your sales team - is performing at the their best and gives you the data to make big decisions. When your sales employees check in and out of customer visits with the app, their locations are recorded, the duration of the visit is calculated, and details are mapped out in real time. This not only lets you stay connected with your team, but also helps you better plan and manage your sales team, territories, and schedules. Sales employee can enter the Order details which is placed by the client directly using the App and the order is made available in real-time to the head-office/branch-office/sales manager. No more delay in getting daily order details. Outside sales employees and managers can easily pull sales performance reports with the information that is tracked real-time in sales team management. This means advanced sales analytics, with almost no additional time for the sales employee or sales manager.

Key Features

  • Location Tracking

    Knowing where your field staffs are is easier now with Auriga Sales Team Management Real Time Tracking + Activity Base Tracking

  • The construction of europe a sequence of art
    Attendance Management

    Your Field Force can report to work from anywhere on the field

  • Design is to continue telling the amazing story
    Visit Management

    Schedule visits, Meetings and record visit outcomes from field locations

  • Target Management

    Schedule visits, Meetings and record visit outcomes from field locations

  • Customized Dashboard Designs

    The Sales Team Management Dashboard also lets you jump to detailed reports of all the tasks performed from field locations - like attendance, visits, expenses, custom forms, etc.

  • Expense Reimbursement Workflow

    Sales Team Management sends timely notifications regarding the status of the expense claims at all the stages of the reimbursement cycle, making the entire process faster and simpler.

  • Address Book Management

    The location-awareness in Sales Team Management is a powerful tool for maintaining the quality of your customer database

  • Instant Messaging & Feeds

    Let's you interact with your field force in real-time, based on their location and department. This allows you to send out any last-minute information conveniently, securely and privately.

  • Activity Log Report

    Sales Team Management also enables your sales force to note the follow-up activities, e.g. reminders for the next meeting or a follow-up call) instantly - ensuring that all cases are attended to promptly.

  • Custom Forms

    Speed up the process of data collection by avoiding multiple manual entries. Be it order details, surveys, feedback or any other information, Sales Team Management gives you a limitless scope of collecting data in self-customized fields.

  • Online + Offline Mode

    The productivity of your field and sales force does not have to stop when there is no internet connectivity. Whether your field force is in the elevator of your customer's office building or in a remote location, Sales Team Management Offline mode lets them work seamlessly without an Internet connection.

  • Android + iOS

    Sales Team Management Application available on Android + iOS platforms.

  • Android based Inbound & Outbound Dialer

    This system allows to record customer interaction calls for company quality check purpose.