Ticket Management System

Ticket Management System



Assign, track, manage, and resolve tickets effortlessly with a unified view of all conversations across email, chat, phone, web, and social media. Solve customer issues quickly and efficiently from wherever you are - all you need is an internet connection and a laptop or cellphone.

Cut down on repetitive tasks such as routing and categorizing tickets, and free up your team’s time to focus on important customer conversations.

Key Features

  • Multi-channel Accessibility

    Ticket categorization & prioritization, ticket routing, notifications & ticket status, support agents will be able to spend more time resolving the actual issues.

  • Full Customization

    Customize a workflow or use apps and integrations–any way you use it, Ticket Management System has the flexibility to fit your support needs.

  • Design is to continue telling the amazing story
    Personalized Ticket Pages

    Visualize your team's workload and performance with at-a-glance dashboards for various metrics.

  • Ticket Assignment & Follow-up

    Escalation based on SLAs defined systematically capturing tickets and categorizing them correctly, a ticketing system allows for proper management of incidents leading for quick resolution.

  • Customer Login

    Raise, Track and Close Tickets at both end with option to Record solutions and post in knowledgebase

  • Team Management Work Flow

    It can help drive resourcing decisions, process improvement initiatives and enable the tuning of support processes to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Notification & Email Integrations

    Exchange of information between job requestor and operator via email & notifications

  • Open Integration

    Connect to your favorite CRM's and apps like Task manager, Lead Manager, Sales Management etc.

  • Priority Matrix & Personalization

    Enables requests to be prioritized instead of being handled in order they received. Ensures that most imp. Issues to the business receive the most attention.

  • Advanced search functions

    This feature allow user to search ticket id's & priority wise results quickly.