Ultra Inventory

Ultra Inventory



Ultra Inventory is designed for large, complex supply chain organizations which manage multiple products and multiple customers in a dynamic environment. Ultra Inventory enables businesses to make the most of their investment in enterprise resource planning systems by creating very large savings in terms of efficiency, inventory reduction and increased service levels. Our inventory & replenishment system is flexible enough to model complex operational rules and constraints and can be integrated with other corporate stock management systems and processes in a straightforward manner. Managing inventory levels along the supply chain is key to maintain high service levels while minimizing costs. Ultra Inventory includes a range of stock control software tools for inventory planning and balancing which enable organizations to increase service levels and reduce safety stocks. Ultra Inventory monitors inventory levels and using an automatic replenishment algorithm, determines ideal replacement sequences and orders. Factors such as minimum/maximum order quantities, lead times, vendor stock availability, transport costs, bulk purchase discounts, distribution/transport constraints and warehouse/storage capacity are modelled to ensure that forecasting and replenishment activity follows business requirements and constraints. The automatic replacement planning takes current stock levels and forecast demand as input and generates refill orders to optimize inventory levels and purchasing agreements. Assortment planning and optimization functionality enables inventory profiles to be dynamically adjusted based on actual sales history.

Key Features

  • Products with Barcode Generation

    Covering all activities from goods receipt to issued, the inventory module gives your purchase and sales functions access to useful information. Reports for valuation, re order level, attribute listing and alternate units stock report you can look at the broader picture and manage inventory with ease and accuracy with the help of barcoding.

  • Integrated Accounting Process

    Our Accounting module, you can easily record financial transactions and generate financial reports. The module helps you maintain all important ledger accounts and practice effective cash and asset management.

  • Sales/Distribution Module

    Handling all activities from inquiry to return to outright sales, you will be able to give your sales team the required information at fingertips. Keep a track of your sales through the Sales MIS reports that give you all the sales data on a single screen.

  • Administration Module

    Administration In order to ensure full security and authenticity of your data, Our software has a powerful module on system administration. This module gives you the flexibility to define user roles and maintain role permission.

  • Purchase Module

    Enterprise purchase module has the capability to handle your purchase requirements right from requisition to return. Record all quotations, orders, invoices and returns to help you keep a track on how the order is progressing with vendor analysis, quotation comparison, Vender Management, Price Management, and Various level Tracking etc.

  • Quality Control Module

    You can create quality standards based on various parameters and criteria. Quality control can be done for Goods Receipt, Finished Goods Stock as well as on the on processes like Inward & Outward QC, Process QC, and Pending Inspection etc.

  • Compliance Module

    Compliance management module will give you the never before experienced ease and convenience in filing statutory reports and maintain guidelines. Automatic generation of documents with built in facilities for GST, TDS, EXCISE and EXPORTS helps your enterprise stick to all the statutory adherences. You can also customize reports according to business requirements.

  • Integrated with CRM Module

    With the help of CRM module you will able to keep track of all your business contacts at a single place. You can keep track of contacts of your prospective customers, existing customers, and vendors, trading partners, agents and transporters. c. E-commerce Solutions